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How do I turn off my Anki Remote?

We have this at the top of the page for a reason. The most common reason for the Anki Remote to keep dying is that it may not be turned off.

To turn off your Anki Remote:

  1. Switch your Anki Remote into GAME mode
  2. Hold the START button until the blue LED light disappears

To double-check that it is actually off, just press the START button. If the Anki Remote flashes the blue light, then it is still on.

How do I connect my Anki Remote to a new device?

The Anki Remote is currently only compatible with connecting with one device at a time. To connect it to another device, please disconnect from your first device.

  1. Click on Bluetooth Preferences on the first device and click "Forget Device" or "Remove" for the Anki Remote.
  2. If your Anki Remote is flashing the blue light it is in Pairing Mode, go to the second device and press connect.
  3. If your Anki Remote is not flashing the blue light, hold down the START button until you see the blue light flash 2 times. Then, you may release.
    1. If the light continues to flash every second, then that means you are in Pairing Mode.
    2. If the light does not continue to flash, then you may have accidentally turned off the remote.

What do the different lights mean?

Pairing Mode: Blue light blinking rapidly

Charging Mode: Constant red light

  • It will no longer be red when it is done charging.

Off/Dead: No blue or red light when clicking on the start button.

On: No light, but “Anki Remote” should appear in your Bluetooth settings and the blue light will flash if you press the Start button.

I don't know what is wrong, but my Anki Remote is being weird:

Find the Reset button on the back of the Anki Remote:

  1. Insert a pin or needle into the hole and press the button for 10 seconds.
  2. Turn your remote off and back on again.
  3. Try to connect to your computer again.

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