Best Anki MCAT Decks in 2023

If you want to know the best MCAT Anki deck, then you have to check these 8 decks out.

Anyone who has tried to find the perfect MCAT Anki deck has quickly realized that it leads to complete chaos. Many decks are constantly building on one another. If you try to download multiple, then they start merging together, making it impossible to know what cards are in what decks. Our goal is to help you decipher the various Anki MCAT decks and figure out what Anki MCAT works best for you.

What makes for a good Anki Deck?

Quick question: Do you know why you are using Anki to study for the MCAT?

Are you looking to learn everything through Anki or are you just trying to make sure you don't keep forgetting Bernoulli’s Equation? Just knowing what you want will help you get the most out of these Anki MCAT decks.

There are 3 main qualities that indicate the quality of an MCAT Anki deck:

  • Organization
    • The organization of a deck matters because doing every card in a premade MCAT Anki deck can often be a waste of time. A deck with good organization will allow you to sort and filter the cards that require the most time and let you suspend the others.
    • Good organization is often indicated by 1) tags and 2) subdecks. If you want to learn how to customize your decks by sorting and filtering, check out our Anki custom deck guide.
  • Card Quality
    • A good Anki card is often 1) only one sentence, 2) specific, and 3) will contain supplemental images and links to make it easy for you to review topics.
    • A bad Anki card will look like it was randomly copy pasted. Anki is made to remember specific bits of information. If you see a card and spend more time thinking about what question might be asking for than the actual content, it is probably a poorly made card:
  • .Feasibility
    • If you have to get through 10,000 MCAT Anki cards in the next 2 months, it doesn't matter how good the deck is. It is important that Anki is an activity that you can stick to. So, before committing to a deck, make sure the number of cards is feasible not for a day or week but for >1 month. You can check out the Anki Card Calculator to figure out what a reasonable number of cards and hours per day look like for you.

Disclaimer: The goal of this guide is to help you decide what decks to use by simplifying the best options. Many of the Anki MCAT decks below are remixes of one another. People have tried to continuously improve them in the ways they seem most fit.

Let's get to the MCAT Anki decks...

  1. Miledown MCAT Anki - Best for efficiency
  2. Cubene MCAT Anki – Best for psych/socio
  3. Abdullah's Deck – Best for comprehensiveness
  4. Jacksparrow - Most overrated
  5. Secret 🔒


1. Miledown MCAT Anki Deck

If you want mix of comprehensive but not exhausting you should get the Milesdown Anki deck. This anki deck literally goes miles down to make sure all of the high-yield MCAT information is covered and cleanly organized.

The Milesdown Anki deck (2,888 Anki Cards) covers content from:

  • 90 page MCAT Review Sheets (linked here)
  • 300 page Khan Academy Psych/Soc doc (linked here)
  • All equations covered on Chem/Phys

miles down anki deck download

While this content alone won't get you a 528, it is definitely some of the most high-yield MCAT content. miles down anki deck is the best deck for most students.

The other huge benefit of this deck is that this deck is not only categorized into the 7 subjects but it is also tagged by sub-topic. This means that if you know you struggle with Genetics, you can filter and make a custom deck with just the genetics mcat cards. If you don't know how to sort by tags and make custom decks, just check out our quick Anki tags guide.

The last great part of the milesdown Mcat Anki deck is that each card has links to Khan Academy respective YouTube Videos. This makes it easy for you to review the content for Anki cards that you keep missing. This update was done by Reddit u/premedunr (Coffin) to better organize the tags.


Organization: 8

Card Quality: 8

Feasibility: 9

Total: 25/30

Final Thoughts:

  • For most people, this deck will be more than enough hit all of the important topics.
  • We strongly recommend most people start with this deck and then go to a more comprehensive deck if they feel like it isn't detailed enough.


2. Cubene's MCAT Anki Deck

Cubene's deck, made by Reddit user (u/premedunr), is made to help you master the P/S section of the MCAT.

The Cubene Anki MCAT deck (4,600 Anki Cards) covers content from:

As you might have noticed, even though the Milesdown deck covers more topics, the Cubene deck has significantly more cards. If you are really trying to flush out those final details of the P/S section of the MCAT you should check out the Cubene's Anki deck.

Even though this deck was made in 2018, it is still the best psych/socio MCAT deck out there.


Organization: 8

Card Quality: 9

Feasibility: 6

Total: 23/30

Final Thoughts:

  • While this deck is a great resource, it is a large number of cards for only one section of the MCAT. Realistically speaking, most people will not be able to stick with Anki for long enough to get through the deck.
  • However, if you have the motivation to do well on P/S, you should definitely use this deck.


3. Abdullah's MCAT Anki Deck

Abdullah's Anki deck is dense. But, it is definitely the most comprehensive, without being superfluous, deck that exists for the MCAT. If you won't be satisfied with a 520 and need that 528, this deck might be for you.

The Abdullah MCAT Anki deck (16,000 Anki Cards) covers content from:

  • All of Milesdown Anki deck (above)
  • All of Cubene's Anki deck (above)
  • Ortho528 Anki deck (deck of 4,351 cards) covering
    • Examkrakers, The Princeton Review, Khan Academy for Pysch/Socio, and Kaplan for Biochem

The Anki cards come with images, tags, and links to relevant videos. Unfortunately, not the entire deck has been tagged, but the structure is still there. For example, check out this video from u/humii97 himself showing the organization of the deck.


Organization: 9

Card Quality: 9

Feasibility: 4

Total: 22/30

Final Thoughts:

  • This Anki deck is one of the best resources someone could create and give for free. The only thing that holds it back for most people is that getting through 16,000 Anki cards is no joke.
    • Based on the Anki Calculator, even if you studied for 6 months every day without missing one, you should still need to do over 1 hour of Anki a day.
  • The good news is that you don't have to do every card to get the benefits. Honestly, you should figure out the topics you want to improve on and use the Anki Browse feature to focus on those cards and suspend the rest.


4. Jacksparrow2048 Anki Deck

Before we get into the breakdown of this deck, it is important to emphasize that this deck was never made to be published. The creator of this MCAT Anki Deck got a 527 on the MCAT and other premeds kept asking him to share his deck, so he did. This means a lot of the deck is super raw.

What does raw mean in this case?

  • Lots of copy-paste of missed questions
  • Lots of copy-paste of paragraphs of explanations
  • Spoilers of Kaplan, UWorld, AAMC questions

Simply u/jacksparrow2048 made this deck for himself. This means that what worked for him probably wont work for you. Jacksparrow even says in his Reddit post that this deck is very slow and content-heavy.

The Jacksparrow MCAT Anki deck (6,000 Anki Cards) covers content from:

  • Kaplan Books (except P/S)
  • All of Cubene's Anki deck (above)
  • Random full-lengths and questions from AAMC


Organization: 4

Card Quality: 5

Feasibility: 7

Total: 16/30

Final Thoughts:

  • Given the other decks that are available, we would not recommend this deck.
  • This Anki deck worked incredibly well for jack sparrow to do well on the MCAT, but it is just too catered to his knowledge to be the best resource for others.

5. Why get an Anki Remote for the MCAT?

We keep seeing people getting premeds get the Anki Remote to study for the MCAT. After asking them why, this is what we learned:

  • The sheer number of cards makes them not want to do it.
    • These students told us that the Anki Remote makes it feel less like a chore and helps them get through the cards faster.
    • To quote, "The Anki Remote feels like the catalyst I need to lower the activation energy"
  • Using Anki for the first time can be boring.
    • These students have said that the Anki Remote has made it more fun.

I absolutely love my anki remote, it makes the mountain of cards go by way faster! I seriously don't leave my house without it. It makes reviewing cards much more enjoyable and efficient. Cheyanne Dizon ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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