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Table of Contents

  1. Most Popular Anki Decks (w/ number of cards)
    1. MCAT Anki
    2. Step 1 Anki
    3. Step 2 Anki
  2. 30s Guide for Determining Your Daily Anki Goal
  3. How to Anki Faster

Most Popular Anki Decks (w/ card count)

Best MCAT Anki Decks

The most popular MCAT anki decks are:

  • Ortho528 anki MCAT Deck
    • cards: 4,351
  • MileDown anki MCAT Deck
    • cards: 2,900
  • RebopBebop anki MCAT Deck
    • cards: 6,200
  • Cubene psych MCAT anki deck
    • cards: 4,600
  • Jacksparrow2048 MCAT anki deck
    • cards: 5,978
  • NextLevelColor MCAT anki deck
    • cards: 5,950
  • Bouras MCAT anki deck
    • cards: 13,333
  • Tiramiwho Physics MCAT anki deck
    • cards: 103

Want to learn more about what is included in each deck? Check out our Anki MCAT Guide (coming soon)

Best Step 1 Anki Decks

The most popular Step 1 Anki decks are:

  • Pathoma MCAT anki Deck
    • cards: 7,426
  • Boards and Beyond (B&B) MCAT anki Deck
    • cards: 19,732
  • Sketchy Micro anki MCAT Deck
    • cards: 2,308
  • Sketchy Pharm anki MCAT Deck
    • cards: 3,442
  • First Aid anki MCAT Deck
    • cards: 26,065

Best Step 2 Anki Decks

The most popular Step 2 Anki decks are:

  • OME MCAT anki Deck
    • cards: 6,749
  • Boards and Beyond (B&B) MCAT anki Deck
    • cards: 6,711

30s Guide for Daily Anki Goals

We have a simple philosophy: for each month you have been doing Anki, you can add 30 minutes to your daily Anki time.

For example, if this is your first month, then shoot for 30 minutes of Anki. At this point, your goal should be to do Anki consistently rather than sporadically doing a lot of cards.

If you have been doing Anki consistently for 3 months, then you can likely do 1.5 hours of Anki.

If you have been doing Anki consistently for 8 months, you could do up to 4 hours of Anki.

We recommend doing no more than 4 hours of Anki a day. After 4 hours, you are either just clicking but not thinking or would gain more benefit from practice questions or filling in content gaps.

How to Anki Faster

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