#Anki100 Challenge

The challenge is simple: Anki for 100 Days Straight.

While the challenge might be simple, it isn't easy. Even with the heatmap add-on, there are still days where we say hasta mañana.

But, that's where this challenge comes in. If you ever needed an excuse to study for that big exam looming over your head, here it is. Instant accountability.

This challenge isn't for us. It's for you because

1 day of Anki: you feel good.

10 days of Anki: you feel smarter.

100 days of Anki: you feel unstoppable.

Join students from around the world.

The challenge is free to join. Join our leaderboard and get instructions by entering your email address below.



Hall of Fame 🏆

Celebrating those who successfully completed the #Anki100 challenge

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